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Bringing Joy to your events and popping up around town!



Buttercup brings joy & fun to any event! 

Looking for a lively addition to your party, wedding, shower or corporate event?


Buttercup the Flower Truck is the perfect way to delight your guests and have them talking about your gathering for months to come.


How does it work? It’s easy!

When you rent Buttercup, we bring her full of flowers to your location ready for your guests to browse the blooms and create bouquets. We stay with Buttercup for your event ensuring each person’s bouquet is wrapped and tied and ready to go home.


Can you personalize events in any way?

Of course! 

*Want all one color of flowers? We can do that!

*Want all one flower like sunflowers? We can do that!

*Prefer a budvase or vase for each person? We can do that!

*Want 22 or 32 oz. cups with water instead of tied bouquets? We can do that!

*Want a personalized sticker for each bouquet? We can stick them on, hand them out and even order them for you!

*We can provide a “bouquet recipe” to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to have some of each flower too!

*Let us know ALL your creative ideas and we’ll work to make your event memorable and fun.

Want more information on renting Buttercup? Scroll down and send us a message!


Find Buttercup

Buttercup will roll up around town to share joy and flowers and we'd love to see you! Bring your camera!

Follow us on FB & IG to see where she's going next. 


We'll also include her schedule in our newsletter so sign up here for all the latest flower news from the farm! 

Flower Truck

Want more information about on renting Buttercup? 

Keep in mind that renting Buttercup entails a large number of flowers, travel time, set up and clean up as well as serving guests at your event. 

We will work to make your event fabulous and fun! Please contact us for detailed information on renting Buttercup.

Thanks for submitting! We'll get back to you ASAP!

*Note: we will stock Buttercup with our farm-grown flowers as much as possible. For large events or events outside the growing season we will order in flowers. In every case, we will offer premium blooms! 

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