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Bride with local flowers



Congratulations!! We love a wedding and we love to be involved in helping make your special

day beautiful! 

We work with you on color, size and feel. I will definitely ask you how you want your day to feel and we work on making that a reality. After an initial consultation, you will receive a detailed estimate by email.                                                              Once a deposit is paid, you are on our calendar. 

                                                   There are a number of ways we can provide flowers for your nuptials:


                                                  1. Do it all! We are a full service florist for small weddings (we don't do                                                   archways or hanging chandeliers of flowers )and we can do all your flowers from     tables to bouquets. We call ourselves farmer/florist as we usually grow what we use in our arranging. We are also able to source flowers from other farms and from around the country. We try our best to stay as a local as possible to keep to our top commitment of providing the most beautiful local flowers. 

2. Do part of your flowers. If you just need bouquets or boutonnieres, we can do that. 

3. DIY wedding flowers. We offer a 3 gallon bucket we call a Bride's Bucket as well as 

greenery buckets. Order as many as you need to DIY your whole wedding. Please note these are

our farm-grown flowers, we do not offer DIY buckets of flowers not grown on the farm. 

4. Wedding Flower Workshop-- want to make your own bouquets? We bring all the flowers, tape, wire, snips, vases and ribbon and lead the bride and friends in making your own bouquets. Email us for more information. It's tons of fun! 

Bride's bouquet
Bridesmaids and bouquets
wedding table flowers
Bride with flowers


Throughout the year we have events on the farm. Join us for yoga in the flower field or a Tour & Pick. Keep an eye on social media or join our newsletter email list to keep up with farm happenings. 


We can set up a Bouquet Bar, arranging workshop, wreath making workshop and more.

Email us for more information.

yoga in the flower field
farm tour and flower pick
farm tour and flower picking
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