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When you need lots of flowers! 

*Email us to order pre-picked buckets or order on our Shop page.


Looking for an affordable way to create your own wedding or event floral decorations?


Our DIY Buckets offer a stunning mix of seasonal, fresh, local flowers.

Each bucket includes a variety of focal flowers and accent flowers grown on the farm. We offer a greenery bucket as well. 

Because we grow flowers that are in season, unique and sometimes heirloom varieties you will not find these flowers in stores. We do not use chemicals on our flowers so they are the freshest you’ll get and with proper care, will hold up well past your event.


Buying local flowers is great not only for your budget, but for the environment as you bypass chemicals and shipping from around the world.

Read on to make sure a DIY Bucket is for you.



We offer these options for DIY Buckets:

  1. Farmer’s Choice Bucketa variety of what’s growing on the farm including focal flowers and accent flowers. Average of 60 stems, $100

  2. Your Choice Bucketyou give us direction in terms of colors and favorite flowers and we do our best to meet your desires. Average of 60 stems, $125.

  3. Greenery Bucket—want greenery to help adorn tables, add to your bouquets, decorate an arch or mantle? Average of 45 stems, $75.


** Please keep in mind that requests for large numbers of sunflowers will incur an additional charge. We do not include peonies or dahlias in our DIY buckets; they are only sold by the stem additionally. Please ask us! 



How big is the bucket?

The bucket is approximately 3 gallons and holds an average of 60 stems. They will be freshly cut, seasonal stems ready for your decorations.


How do I store the flowers?

You need a very cool space where the flowers can be keep away from direct sunlight, pets and food especially ripening fruit. We do not suggest refrigerators unless it is for small items like boutonnieres or corsages that can be placed in air-tight containers.


How many items will a bucket make?

An average bouquet uses about 30 stems, bride’s bouquets often a few more. Vases vary by size of course though one of our DIY buckets can easily fill 4-5 quart sized mason jars.


Do I bring my own buckets?

We provide the buckets and you do not need to return them. We are happy to have them back if you do have time to return them as we will definitely reuse them.


Do you provide any floral services?

YES! We are a full-service florist and can provide any

aspect of your wedding or event flowers that you need.

Bouquets, boutonnieres, etc. Check our weddings page for 



How do I order?

We have easy ordering on our SHOP page.


*Please email us with questions and we’ll get right back to you. We are happy to chat by phone, just include your #.

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