Frequently asked questions

Farm Questions

Do you use pesticides?

Not at all! We believe in taking care of the land and preserving our natural resources. This means we use only natural, organic fertilizers and pest controls. This is our home where our family lives and plays and if we would'nt want it in our home, we won't send it to yours.

Are kids welcome?

Yes! Kids are welcome to enjoy the farm with adult supervision. We work hard to create a beautiful space and we need your help keeping it that way. Children must be supervised and behave respectfully. This means no running near the flowers, pulling flowers or jumping across rows. Thank you for your understanding. Please help them read the signs and cut flowers-- they will love making a bouquet! We eventually hope to have a play area for kids.

Are pets welcome?

We do not allow pets at the farm even though we love all creatures! The smells and people at the farm can be overwhelming for your pet and new animal visitors can stress our farm. We appreciate your understanding.

Is the farm accessible?

The flowers are a short walk from the parking area and the ground is grass-covered. You will encounter uneven spots, leaves, and dirt though we have done our absolute best to make the pathways smooth.

What about bees?

The farm is home to all kinds of wildlife including bees. Bee stings are rare but could happen. If you have a severe bee allergy, we suggest you opt to pick up pre-picked flowers. We are happy to make sure you get a beautiful arrangement!

What to wear?

Please wear clothing and shoes appropriate for outside. There is a small tent and there are a few benches, but otherwise you are in an open field. Please wear shoes good for walking in the grass and possibly some dirt. Hats, sunscreen and water bottles are good accessories for flower picking.

Are there restrooms?

At this time, we do not have public restrooms.

Bee on a Daisy


When you need a break. 

When you need a deep breath. 

When you are not rushed. 

When you need to smile. 

When you need a little pick me up. 

When you need to take a pick me up to someone else. 

When you need to bask in the sun. 

When you need beauty.