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  • Are you open to the public?
    In general, no. We do occasionally open for u-pick (we will advertise when we are open) but otherwise we are a working commercial farm. We are not a public park. We are not open for wandering the flower field or getting an impromptu tour. When you see us in the field, we are working. It takes an enormous amount of time and effort to what we do, so if the sign says CLOSED please do not drive up to the flower field nor walk up for a closer look. This land is also our family's home. We have kids and pets we don't prefer folks to be on the property unless invited so we keep it a safe place for our brood. We have had some challenges with this lately and we appreciate your understanding.
  • How do we buy your flowers?
    We sell our blooms in the Flower Farm Stand at the front of our property open Thurs. -Sun. 9am-6pm during the growing season. The Flower Farm Stand is self-serve on the honor system. Pay with cash in the slot or by Venmo. You can also place an order on line or by email for pick up at the Flower Farm Stand any day of the week. We also sell monthly bouquet subscriptions and DIY Buckets-- see our Shop page. We take orders directly by email and host pop-ups at our farm for major holidays. We open for u-pick throughout the year...we try to open some each season so you can enjoy the beauty of the farm and the fun of picking flowers. Subscribe to our email list to be the 1st to know when things are blooming and we are open! Wholesale: we do sell wholesale to florists. Email for details.
  • Do you use pesticides?
    Not at all! We believe in taking care of the land and preserving our natural resources. This means we use only natural, organic fertilizers and pest controls. This is our home where our family lives and plays and if we would'nt want it in our home, we won't send it to yours.
  • When do you open for U-Pick?
    We only open for U-pick on occasion throughout the year. We will splash it across social media and our website when we do open. Please do not come past the CLOSED sign if you show up on a day we are not open. You are welcome to purchase flowers from the Flower Farm Stand, but please do not go to the flower field for a closer look nor walk around the property. Thank you for understanding we are commercial farm and that our family calls this land home.
  • Can professional photographers use the flower field?
    We do allow it, but you probably don't want to. We are a working cut flower farm and while it is a beautiful spot, there are patches of empty space, hoses and such around the perimeter. Many flowers take support netting and if a flower is in bloom then we missed cutting it on time. Most flowers are cut just before they open. There is also fence around the entire field. Email with any questions.
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